KENNETH MINOR (Hazelwood / Rough Trade)

They’re still out there. Musicians that make music because they cannot do anything else, because they cannot be anything else. Playful vagabonds, soundscape Argonauts, Aoide’s last apostles, forgotten filigree of bygone epochs, watchmakers in the age of quartz. In the here and now in which the art of music is too often preserved by the make up artists, by the trendsetters and Zeitgeist fabricants – in such a dizzying hour a mission that not too seldom ends under some bridge. But there had been evenings that ran in the color of songs where one gathered themselves, immersed, hands resting on knees, peasant simple and devoted to quiet drinking by the guitars. KENNETH MINOR beats against the wind of history and shows that the music itself, against all novelties and trends, still holds the same old formula. The power of the melody of life cannot be countered – neither by the pomp and circumstance of the fashion disciples nor by the tits-and-ass parade of superstars and superstarlettes. Nothing could counter the immediacy of when a song cuts time in step and douses the world with dazzling color. The word, the single rattling guitar in the tambourine tempest – so bare, so blatant, so direct and resounding, the aural essence as a musical slap in the face hits the monocles off of the Zeitgeist noses of theorizationists and modernity apostles and makes the band, revolving around Bird Christiani, a real happening. The humble singer songwriter is escorted on this mighty ride by his congenial confidant and globetrotter T. Berg and Steven Gaeta, who already wrote musical history as bassist for the Universal Congress Of and is mastermind of the legendary Kool Ade Acid Test. The long play, “In That They Can’t Help It”, twisted and contorted by the notorious producer team Two Horses & Kaneoka One (King Khan, Mardi Gras.bb, The Broken Beats…) was released on March 12, 2010 on the Frankfurt cult label Hazelwood Vinyl Plastics.

In 2012, Kenneth Minor was reformed and reshaped. Young drummer Robert Herz joined in and substituted the Mighty Steve Gaeta who still is a true friend to everybody. At legendary Hazelwood Studios, as “a last” or rather “THE last” Hazelwood product, the second album “Phantom Pain Reliever”was recorded and produced. Ever since, it has been waiting for its public birth. 2014 could be a realistic goal to reach for. It’s gonna be a beautiful vinyl lp (download code included)! TBerg, Robert Herz and Bird Christiani are still owing a tour to the beautiful audience. They certainly know about it and heartly regret the particular circumstances that have not faciliated a record release and tour so far. They surely will continue to play music somewhen later in the near future, maybe then, even as a quartett.

But making music can hardly wait.

In the meanwhile, having arrived on highway 2013, Bird Christiani discovered a tastefully simple recipe for presenting his new songs that have been brought up by experiencing love and life itself. Together with his true-lover-companion-singing-and-swinging refreshing girlfriend Athena Isabella, Bird Christiani musically turned to simplicity as well as straightforwardness in music. Kenneth Minor has met refreshment and eventually comes up with songs that are neatly and tidily but tenderly arranged and need no more than one acoustic guitar and two voices to make friendship ring. Look out! There is a third record ahead! Fingers crossed.

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  1. Tom Wieland says:

    Sehr geile Sachen, weiter so!

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